Bigjson - Read JSON files of any size with Python

Published at Nov. 10, 2020

I was using Python to parse the wikidata dumps that are tens of gigabytes of JSON. I though it would be nice if I could open the JSON even though it cannot fit to the memory. That is not possible with the built in JSON module, so I made this library. It reads JSON files of any size.


The library can be found from Pypi, so you can install it by just typing:

pip install bigjson


The library works somewhat like the built in Python json module. Here we have an example where 78 GB JSON file is opened and read:

import bigjson

with open('wikidata-latest-all.json', 'rb') as f:
    j = bigjson.load(f)
    element = j[4]


Github project page.


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