Wasp Annihilator 5000

Published at Jan. 1, 2023

When you are holding a hammer, all your problems look like nails. I've had same kind of experiences with my 3D printer.

Few summers ago, I noticed wasps swarming in the corner of our house. Inspecting it more, I found out they had entrace to their nest from a small hole between the wall panels. I though maybe this problem can also be solved with a 3D printer. I ended up making two adapters so I could vaccuum the wasps from their nests into a plastic box:

This solution was not perfect. The box was too weak and could not handle the underpressure. So I started desigining a better solution. My final result is Wasp Annihilator 5000, an adapter between a glass jar, vaccuum cleaner and hose.

The model has been created with OpenSCAD. It makes it very easy to give different parameters for the model. You just measure the diameters of your glass jar, vaccuum cleaner and hose, and let the program generate a unique model for you.

The model can be loaded from Thingiverse.


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