Published at Nov. 19, 2021

We moved to another house that was missing a sandbox. It is a must, so your kids are not running all over the place, so I started building one.

I started from upper level, because I had planks of equal length, and in that case the upper level defines the size of the box.

The corners of my last sandbox failed a little bit, so I tried to make sure the corners are in 90° angle, and that they fit to each others well.

I didn't have a frame clamp, but you can do one from ordinary cargo straps. The corner pieces were 3D-printed.

Vertical planks were easy. Their length can have some difference, as they will be hidden anyways.

To avoid crooking, I tried to use as many clamps as possible before attaching any screws.

I left the upper level out, so the sandbox would be lighter to carry to its final location.

Here is a good spot.

Attaching the upper level.

Finally the sand, and then it was ready.


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